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Want to make sure you hire the "right" person? Ever made a bad hire? Hiring the wrong person cost $100,000s and that does not include any legal liability from a flawed interview process! 


We Can Help!


Take the headache out of the interview preparation and execution. We offer Manager/Supervisor Interview training and easy Interview Questionnaire preparation to:


  • identify the best candidate (not just the most skilled)
  • make sure you are in compliance with the law


Why use our training and Interview Questionnaire Tool?


  • 100% Free Manager Interview Training and Certification
  • Interview approach based on science and 1,000s of hires
  • Free Interview Questionnaire Templates for common jobs/positions
  • Quick and easy to find the "right" probing questions to ask
  • Conduct a consistent and lawful interview process
  • Our Interview process is based on the science of behavior
  • Skills can be learned but behavior stays with the person.
  • We offer probing questions in 4 key areas: Skill, Behaviour, Knowledge, and Values
  • Create your own Tailored Interview Questionnaires from our QBase (1,000s of probing questions)
  • Each question come with a helper/guide to interpret the intent and answer



Our program consists of 3 easy steps:

1) Manager Training of the legal aspects of hiring
2) Validation of understanding with a short quiz. The participant receives a Completion Certificate
3) The Bullseye Interview process - a step-by-step guide for:
    a) Legal, consistent, and thoughtful interview process
    b) Probing behavioral-based interview questions to find the "best" candidate
    c) Record-keeping of interviews and questions asked for legal compliance





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