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Bullseye Interview offers 1,000s of insightful interview questions based on 1,000s of hirings by HR professionals. You can leverage our knowledge base in two different ways:





  • If you are looking to fill/hiring for a key position in our organization and want to make sure you get the absolute best candidate for the job by interviewing/screening the person with specific detailed questions to gain an understanding of their Knowledge, Values, Behaviours, and Skill - you should leverage our Interview Knowledge Base to create a specific tailored Interview Questionnaire.


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If this is your first time - you need to log-in. If it is totally free, no commitment, and we will not sell your information. Logging in will simply allow you to test the product and save your custom Interview Questionnaires you create. NOTE if you like the features and are creating custom questionnaires the annual subscription is $200, BUT -currently on sale for only $99 !! 


Bullseye Interviews consist of FOUR areas of questions based on technical and interpersonal elements:  Knowledge, Skills, Values and Behaviors.


Knowledge = what they KNOW about the industry, market, job functions, education or specialized expertise.

Skills = what they can DO or have done in terms of work product, examples, projects, or achieving goals.

Values = what they THINK is important, or what the organization has determined to be important operating philosophies and principles.

Behaviors = how they ACT, RESPOND, or INTERPRET including their own self-management, communication, and work style.

Step (1) Use the Bullseye Target to select the attributes for the job. Find the Target from the home page, by clicking the blue button "Interview Questions Database."  Simply click on the attributes under each category you desire, and press the "Go" button in the center of the target.  You'll get a list of 5-10 questions for each attribute.  Select the question(s) that are most appropriate. 

Step (2) Select questions.  The number of questions to select depends on the level of the position and the interview process.  A good rule of thumb is 10 per interview (assuming a typical 45-60 minute interview).  But select questions for first, second, or third round interviews, or for each person that will lead an interview.   

Step (3) Save the Questionnaire with a unique name.  Print out the questionnaire and use it in the interview.  Divide up questions for each round of interviews, or each interviewer. 

Suggested Process:  Print the Questions for the applicant.  This may seem like "spoon-feeding" the applicant, but that process tells the applicant that you have a strategy, a plan, and an agenda.  It helps keep the process on track and avoids irrelevant, inconsistent or unlawful questions.  Also, mention at the beginning of the interview that you have a list of questions to ask each and every applicant consistently.  Tell them that they will get the opportunity to ask YOU a few questions at the completion of the interview. 

Print the Questions and Answer Guide for the interviewers so they know what to look for in the applicant response. 

If you don't have time, you can use one of the job-specific templates that have targeted key attributes for generic positions (under MyBullseye). These are provided Free of charge.  Paid subscriptions can use the Bullseye Target to customize the questions based on your organization's values and the requirements of the specific position.




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