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The Bullseye team consists of experts in HR, Recruiting, Behavioral Science, Technology, and the Law. We partner with clients to integrate the Bullseye system into hiring processes through training, consulting, and technological solutions. We partner through other HR firms to deliver innovative solutions. Contact us with questions on how Bullseye can support your organization or how to become a Bullseye partner.  


Marcia Hakanson, MBA, SPHR

Marcia Hakanson, MBA, SPHR is the HR content expert.


Peter Solvkjar
Peter Solvkjar, MBA is the technology, logistics, and finance wizard.

Our Clients

Bullseye works with clients on enhancing the recruiting process through training, consulting, and technological solutions.  Our clients are in the public sector and private sector, in small to mid-sized organizations. 

A recent project trained over 200 managers of a Northern California City on effective hiring techniques, including an overview of legal restrictions and inclusive hiring practices.  The course included an exercise in how to craft appropriate questions to reveal the key attributes of the position.  The idea for the Bullseye database was born!

A tech client in Silicon Valley with several international offices uses Bullseye specifically to help engineers to ask better questions of technical positions.  They have found that a test or demonstration of technical skills is useful in determining skill level, but an in-person interview is essential in determining communication and collaborative skills.

Several recruiters (internal and third party) use the site to select screening questions and supplemental questions for candidates. They also use it to prepare an interview agenda for their hiring managers to ensure a systematic approach.

Some Bullseye clients are individual managers wanting to structure a more insightful interview. They use the site to select attributes and develop a list of questions appropriate for the job.  The templates can be used as is, or you can develop a custom list of questions.

To try it out, simply create an account (Log In upper right corner) to receive a free 30-day trial.  We will contact you to continue the account.

Contact us below to discuss how Bullseye can become part of your hiring process. 

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